Do you ever find yourself thinking, what’s in a frame? Apart from a picture that is.  Why can you get a standard sized  frame for £10 and a frame, at the same size, from a professional framer in Cheltenham for £40, £50?  Or, in London, for £90, £100?

The answer lies not in the frame! But in the picture.

When I first see a picture I would wish to consider the picture while talking to the customer. That is on its style, aesthetics and my response.

Picture framers know a lot about their frames and understand, most of the time, the quality of finish required.  It seems to me that we should change this around and get advice from people who know a lot about art including all kinds of images and objects, whether that be fine art canvas, watercolours, limited edition prints, photographs, embroidery, memorabilia and so on.

By tradition, framers have always offered free advice.  Of course, on busy days, this could amount to several hours a day. This does explain, to some extent, why creative framing experts need to charge a contribution for the advice.   Without a doubt, combined with assessment of customers requirements, creative advice is the single most important factor in choosing a framer.

Of course, choosing from ready made stores, a certain Swedish company springs to mind, as does a company that sells a vast Range of cheap goods, you don’t get any advice.  So it’s pot luck.  But don’t look closely at the finish! 

Pictures are part of furnishing a room.  For some peculiar reason, folk do value carpets, curtains and furniture but, for some, would ‘save money’ by spoiling a picture with a frame that looks cheap and cheapens the picture.

We take a holistic approach.  All of the parts need to make one ‘final object’.

Much of the advice has little to do with cost.  Like anything in life, prices vary.   A new hand made Italian suit is a little more than suit in a charity shop.   Not achieving a style and method are simply a benefit.

Many framing websites ask you to choose your frame type first.  This is like choosing curtains without considering the room and decor!  Our website asks you to select your picture first so that you can compare mounts and frames next to the picture.

We have 700 samples in both framing galleries.  There are a possible 9,000 frames to choose, thank goodness you are not expected to choose from one of those.

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