Art Commissions by Brian Crosby

Brian has been painting and drawing since he was in short trousers. He did well in art at school but decided to study photography as it looked like there would be less hard work. Judging by the detailed style, in many cases, the hard work got him anyway. Like the Beatles, Brian had his 'Hamburg' hard gigging learning experiences. Such as painting countless Birmingham pubs to help fund his singing degree course at Birmingham Conservatoire. Before that Brian was a partner in a Design Partnership - mostly Corporate Identity and print work. Or 'Branding' as the the young ones would have it.

Brian Crosby

Brian started Westend about ten years ago and has two Gloucestershire Galleries and Framing shops. He controls his own time and gets thoroughly involved in his commissions for customers. The graphics world taught him how to 'take a brief' and believes it to be important that the client is involved at every stage of a new exciting work.

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Art Commissioned by You

Brian can undertake any subject matter but is most known for architectural landscapes (houses / business premises / country estates / palaces) but is increasingly creating portrait commissions. Many examples are shown on this page.

Costs varies enormously depending on the subject matter and brief. Pictures shown vary between £300 and £1,500 (before VAT). Brian used to run a Graphic Design business so, unusually, for an artist, knows how to take a brief. For larger scale work Brian would attend a couple of visits, take multiple photos (Brian was also a professional photographer) or produce sketches, then have yourselves involved in choosing potential angle or view. An intermediate small painting is sometimes produced, for you, before the full scale work.

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